For Debtors

Have you received notice of a claim?

You have rights too! Here’s how The Debtor List works:

The Debtor List allows users to post claims of alleged debt they are owed. You have been identified as owing a debt to a Claimant. The email sent to you informing you of the claim also contains a reference number. Enter that reference number here to review the claim, see the Claimant’s information, and dispute the claim if you choose.

The claim will remain on our site for five (5) years or until the matter is settled. Once the matter has been settled, the Claimant will submit a “Notice of Settlment.” The case status will then be updated to “resolved.” The Debtor may also have the claim removed from the website upon paying The Debtor List a $50.00 administrative fee.

A debtor may dispute a claim. Once you dispute a claim, the status on the website will be updated to “Disputed”. The dispute process gives you the opportunity to deny the claim.

Since The Debtor List does not in any way facilitate the collection of a debt nor negotiate on behalf of the site Users, it is the responsibility of the Users to resolve the claim on their own.