Our Story

Not too long ago, I visited The Tower Club in Ft. Lauderdale, which is a membership-based restaurant and social club for business men and women. At the receptionist table, the Club had a list of all its members whose fees were past due prominently displayed in a picture frame. I asked the manager about it, and he said it was the most effective way he’d found to ensure members pay their dues.

The manager’s efforts resonated with me. As a small business owner, I understand the frustration of dealing with clients that don’t pay their bills. I’ve also found that I really have no recourse against my non-paying clients, other than to no longer do business with them.

Since the amounts of the debt are generally small, it’s not cost effective to file a lawsuit and I don’t have a high enough volume of bad debt nor large enough debts to justify working with a collections agency. The only alternative is to simply write-off the losses, but that clearly isn’t a an acceptable strategy to build a succesful business.

Most clients who don’t pay probably assume that I’d eventually forget about it…..

But instead, I decided to start this site- a web-based bulletin board that provides information to the public about the debts they owe.

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