How Does The Debtor List Work?  The Debtor List allows users (Claimant) to submit a claim of a debt owed to them. The name of the Debtor and details related to the debt are then posted on the website. The Claimant may use the provided tools to share the post via social media. 

When a claim is filed, the Debtor receives an email informing them that a claim has been filed against them. The Debtor is also provided with a reference number so that they can login, review the claim, review the Claimant’s contact information and dispute the claim if appropriate. 

What Do I Need to Submit a Claim?  The claim process is very easy, just fill out the form. We strongly suggest you attach supporting documents to your claim to verify the debt. Remember to abide by the User Agreement- you are responsible for the truthfullness and accuracy of the claim. Please note that all documents provided are open to the public so documents containing sensitive or private information should be redacted before being uploaded, or should not be uploaded at all.

Is The Debtor List a collections agency or debt collector? We are not a collection agency nor a debt collector. We provide an informational service that allows users to post claims to the website and informs debtors of the claim. The Debtor List makes no effort on behalf of either party to collect or resolve the claim.

Can a debt collector post my debt on The Debtor List? If you have a consumer debt the answer is no, a debt collector cannot post information about your debt on this site. Under the FDCPA a debt collector may not communicate with an individual consumer without the prior consent of the consumer or the express consent of a court. See the full FDCPA for more information. Individuals or businesses that are not debt collections, however, may use this site.

How Does The Debtor List Ensure the Debt is Valid?  The Debtor List has no means to verify the accuracy of the claim(s) made. It is the user’s responsibilty to comply with the User Agreement which, among other things, requires that the claims submitted be factually correct.

What’s it cost to submit a claim?  Nothing, it’s free!

Does The Debtor List take a Percentage of the Amount Recovered?  No. The service is 100% free to use.

Can a Debtor Dispute a Claim?  Yes.  Once the debtor has been informed by email that a claim has been made against them, they can use the reference number provided to them to login to their account and dispute the debt.

Can I submit a claim of debt anonymously? No. You must provide your name and contact information so that the Debtor has the ability to reach out to you directly to resolve the matter. Your contact information is made available to the Debtor so they know who made the claim and how to get in touch with you. Any claims made anonymously will be removed from The Debtor List.

Does disputing the debt remove it from the site? No, a debtor may dispute the claim and submit documents to support the dispute. The claim’s status will reflect that it is “disputed” until such time it is resolved.

How long does the claim stay on the site?  Claims on The Debtor List remain on the site for 5 years.

The claim of debt has been settled, now what? Once a matter has been settled, the Claimant must file a “Notice of Settlement.” Once we receive this notice, the claim’s status will be updated to “settled.” The Notice of Settlement form can be found here.

The claim will be removed from the site once the Notice is received from the Claimant and the Debtor pays the $50 administrative fee.

A claim has been disputed and the Claimant and Debtor are deadlocked and disagree. Now what? The status of the claim will remain “Disputed” until such time that it is resolved. If the parties are interested in mediating the claim, contact us.

Please also read the Privacy Policy.